NEWS: Full Power Tarifa 2021

After many days of waiting, the kitesurfing event everybody is talking about, Full Power Tarifa, is finally going to take place on Thursday, May 20th with a forecast of east wind (Levanter) of +30knots.

Best Restaurants in Tarifa

Best Restaurants in Tarifa

Tarifa, worldly known as the “European wind capital”, it’s not only worth a visit for its marvelous kite spots, but it’s also a jewel when it comes to its cuisine.

5 Reasons to Book a Kitesurf Course

Maybe you’ve had it in your head for a while, or maybe you’re tired of your friends speaking about knots, C-Shapes, upwind, or self-rescue without understanding a word. It means only one thing: it’s time for you to book a kitesurfing course in Tarifa!