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Are you ready for a life-changing experience?

Imagine yourself in the future. You're about to get into the crystal clear water to practice your latest trick. You feel healthy. Energized. You're leaving your everyday stuff at the beach. The adrenaline is pumping, while you're pumping your kite. The wind is calling you. You're happy. That could be you. You're just one kitesurfing lesson away.

  • Learn faster: double-qualified (IKO and FAV) instructors in the water and radio communication.
  • Have a great time! Passionate international team, to make YOUR learning fun!
  • Feel safer: full insurance, latest equipment, and rescue boats.
  • Live an unforgettable experience: we give kitesurfing lessons since 1998. You’re in the most expert hands in Tarifa.
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Kitesurfing lessons for all levels
and adapted to all budgets and schedules

Beginner Kite Courses


One day, or day one?

We’ve all been there. The jitters of new beginnings.

You want to try something new with your partner, your family or your friends. Or you need an adventure of your own. You’re looking for adrenaline, fun. You want to spend more time outdoors. You’re looking to feel healthier.

This is kitesurfing. Are you coming?

I want to start!
Intermediate Kite Courses


Do you want to progress in kitesurfing?

You have already taken courses but that was some time ago. You have the basics, but you may be stuck at the water-start. Or, you don't feel confident enough to sail alone.

We know what that means, and we have a kitesurfing lesson for it!

I want to take off!
Advanced Kite Courses


Are you looking to level up?

We don’t have to explain to you how addictive kitesurfing is. If you got to this level, you already know! Welcome to the family, my friend!

If you want to ride strapless.If you want to learn how to jump. Or perform your first tricks. If you’re looking to get into kite foiling.

Here we are.

I want to fly!


  • The most economical
  • Only beginners
  • Students: max. 4
  • Instructor: 1
  • Kites: 2
  • 4h/day recommended
  • From: 20€/h
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  • Best-seller
  • Beginners/Intermediates
  • Students: 2
  • Instructor: 1
  • Kites: 1
  • 4h/day recommended
  • From: 30€/h
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  • To resume/end
  • Only intermediates
  • Students: 2
  • Instructor: 1
  • Kites: 2
  • 3h/day recommended
  • From: 40€/h
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  • The fastest
  • All levels
  • Student: 1
  • Instructor: 1
  • Kites: 1
  • 2h or 3h/day recommended
  • From: 60€/h
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Our special offers to learn kitesurfing

FROM ZERO TO HERO: 3 days kitesurfing full immersion in Tarifa / -15% for 2 people

If are two, couple or friends, extra determined to learn how to kite, then this complete course is the right option for you.

In 3 days you’ll be able to discover and manage the kite power, retrieve the board, and ultimately, ride like champions! From complete beginner to independent kitesurfer, your life will never be the same!

2 people, 1 kite, 1 instructor / 3 days x 4h per day = 12 hours

367€ per person = 734€ in total

We want to start the immersion!
FANTASTIC FOUR: 2 days of kite adventures para 4 en Tarifa / -15% for 2 people

If you are a group of 4 people, family or friends, and you want to try kitesurfing while having fun, this offer is for you!

In only two days, you can get the basic knowledge of the sport to be able to practice in safety.

4 people, 2 kites, 1 instructor / 2 days x 4h per day = 8 hours

174€ per person = 696€ in total

We want to start the adventure!

Hundreds of new happy kitesurfers with Tarifa Max

Benjamin Review

"A great week of kitesurfing"


Highly recommend Tarifa Max kitesurfing team for kitesurfing lessons for all levels. Very friendly, professional team that is fluent in Spanish, English, French, and probably many other languages!

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Diana Review



I am very happy and satisfied to have chosen this school to get started in the world of kite. I took the semi private course and the truth is 100% recommended.

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Aron Review



I progressed very well and I am now an independent 3j kitesurfer. I highly recommend Giulia and Tarifa Max for anyone interested in this fantastic sport. I look forward to my return.

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Wind predictions: how to read kite surfing forecasts

Wind predictions: how to read kite surfing forecasts

Understanding wind predictions is paramount for safety and enjoyment of kitesurfing. Stay with us as we guide you to read wind predictions for kitesurfing

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Why you should never take kite surfing lessons from a friend

Why you should never take kite surfing lessons from a friend

The temptation to leap into this sport is surely strong, especially when a friend offers to be your guide. But there are compelling reasons to opt for professional kite surfing lessons instead. Here's why you should think twice before accepting kite surfing lessons from a friend.

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Women Kite Camp Tarifa - watersports holiday in paradise

Women Kite Camp Tarifa - watersports holiday in paradise

Embark on the ultimate kite holiday with the Women Active Kite Camp in the wind-kissed shores of Tarifa, Spain. This year with 3 dates.

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The "Club Tarifa Max": the best kitesurfing and after-kite
plans in Tarifa and other spots

Do you want to join a community of passionate kitesurfers?

Kitesurfing is more than just an outdoor activity: it's a true state of mind and a way of life. On the water, it's the pleasure of sliding and the wind, but also respect for nature and others; after the kite, it's the pleasure of sharing and programming the next sessions.

It is for all these reasons that we have created the "Club Tarifa Max", with the aim of uniting a community around kitesurfing and Tarifa. Club registration is included in your courses and allows you to benefit from advantages such as discounts in shops or restaurants, accommodation offers... but also on our trips and clinics in Brazil.

Join the Tarifa Max community and club!

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Learn more about Tarifa Max