Tarifa Max Kitesurfing School has been giving kite surfing courses since 1998 making us one of the most experienced kite schools in town. With proven techniques to ensure you learn to kite surf quickly, safely and with a lot of fun.

What We Offer

We have a large variety of kite surf courses on offer to suit your budget and time. We offer group courses (4 students per instructor max.), semi-private courses and private lessons. You can book from a single day up to a whole week. We give kite courses everyday and you can join a beginner course and learn from scratch or join an intermediate or advanced course depending on your level. We use the latest kitesurfing equipment in the kite course.
In short, you can do lessons as many days as you like; from 1 day to a whole week starting at any level.

At the end of your Tarifa Max kite surfing course you'll get your own official IKO card allowing you to go forth into the world as an independent kiter.

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Kitesurf Courses

tarifa kite instuctor in the water


  • Students: 4
  • From: €19,- / h
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  • Students: 2
  • From: €27,50 / h
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  • Students: 2
  • From: €33,75 / h
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  • Students: 1
  • From: €55,- / h
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What you will learn?

Day # Techniques
  • Rig, launch and control small trainer kite
  • Safety training
  • Rig tube kite in 4 lines and practice controlled launching and landing
  • Learn to use harness and de-power
  • Re-launch kite independently
  • Stand and slide on the beach using power from the kite
  • Rig kite independently
  • Control the kite while body-dragging
  • Practice a series of body-drags for improved control in water
  • Re-launch the kite from the water
  • Water start training for the first few metres up on the board
  • Intensive water start training
  • Improve kite control
  • Start to be independent in the water
  • Kitesurf in both directions
  • Independent in the water with the board
  • Water start practice in both directions
  • Learn to slow down or go quicker
  • Start to turn

Supervision & Coaching


If you are already an independent rider, have previous experience and don't need any lessons, but want to get to next level of kitesurfing? Or require some tips for tricks, learn strapless style or discover other great spots around Tarifa in a company of professionals? Then coaching is exactly for you! The instructors will be happy to give you direct feedback while riding together.


When you're already have down the kitesurf basics, but you would like to have the comfort of an instructor watching and supervising you? Please ask us for Supervision. Kitesurf independently but with professional help when needed.


tarifa boat rescue kite

Safety is an important to us. We want you to be safe on the water and have confidence in your skills. Our teachers are always together with you in the water to ensure maximum comfort and safety for you.

Rescue Boat Service

We work with two rescue boats that help kite students to always come back to the beach safely and quickly.