paradise of the wind

Come and challenge the best winds in Europe and discover the hidden secrets of Tarifa: a rich gastronomy, a flourishing nature and the gentle Andalusian hospitality.

Two continents, two seas, two winds… but a unique place in the world: Tarifa!

What brings you to Tarifa? Kitesurfing? Gastronomy? Nature?...

Whether for one or other of these reasons, one thing is certain: you will stay or come back for all the others too! We have tested many wonderful kitesurfing spots in the world and few offer in the same place such regular and varied wind conditions and such rich and diversified after-kite pleasures.

Tarifa benefits from an exceptional geographical location: the southernmost point of Europe, with breathtaking views of Morocco, this small Andalusian village located in the heart of the Strait of Gibraltar separates the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. This location makes the village and its coasts the European Mecca of kitesurfing, whipped by two winds – the Poniente and the Levante – with different characteristics but both ideal for starting or practicing kitesurfing (find out more about the winds or discover the kitesurfing spots).

But Tarifa is also and above all an unparalleled culture and hospitality that gives the city an incredible energy and seduces all its visitors, whether travelers looking for a peaceful port for a few days, yogis in quest for spirituality, fans of outdoor sports, foodies or partygoers... All extremes meet here, so come and find yours! (see all the activities in Tarifa).

Tarifa, land of winds and Mecca of kitesurfing in Europe

Will you join the Poniente team or the Levante team?

Despite all its other riches, what makes Tarifa famous is the wind, or rather "the" winds, because two types of wind alternate in Tarifa, one coming from the east and blowing from the land – the Levante, and the other coming from the West and blowing from the Atlantic – the Poniente. Depending on whether he disguises himself as one or the other, the charms and whims of Aeolus turn out to be very different, so that everyone has their preference here: and you, will you rather be Poniente or Levante?

Whatever your choice, rest assured: Tarifa is one of the best places in the world to learn, progress and have fun in kitesurfing! We base our – totally biased – opinion on three very objective criteria: 1) number of windy days (between 4 and 6 days a week); 2) variety of wind; 3) variety of sea conditions. Tarifa is a demanding place, with changing and sometimes extreme conditions, but there is no better way to forge real kitesurfing skills and to be able to proudly answer, whatever your level, the question that everyone will ask you at the end of the day at the bar: "so, how was kiteboarding today?".

LEVANTE: offshore wind, strong and gusty, flat sea

Characteristics: it is a warm easterly wind, coming from the land, which makes it an often strong and gusty wind, blowing between 18 and 35 knots and which generally takes several days to stabilize; the charm of the Levante is the turquoise sea and most often flat, or at least flat between regular waves ranging from 50 cm to 2 m on strong windy days.

Kitesurfing practice: it may take you a few hours to master its vagaries (air hole followed by a gust...) but you will love flat water, ideal for working on waterstart (beginner), improving your navigation (intermediate) or try your hand at freestyle tricks (advanced); when the waves are out, you can use it as a kicker to take off and imitate the big air pros, or on the contrary stay in contact with the waves to surf them strapless. Attention: it is generally not recommended to kite in offshore winds but in Tarifa we have a rescue boat service; remember to buy us your rescue vouchers and ask us for the boat timetables.

Recommended spots: Los Lances Norte (Rio Jara, Agua) or Valdevaqueros; Balneario for very experienced kiters; if the Levante blows too hard in Tarifa, there are fallback solutions: Palmones or Getares in Algeciras, or Los Caños de Meca.

PONIENTE: onshore wind, light and stable, wavy or rough seas

Characteristics: it is a westerly wind coming from the Atlantic, fresh or even cold, which makes it a lighter and more stable wind, blowing between 12 and 25 knots; the caprice, or rather the caprices of the Poniente, are its waves, more irregular, which can transform the water into a real mess on days with strong winds; on hot days with full sun (especially in summer), a thermal effect sets in by mid-afternoon, turning the dismal 10 knots predicted into 15 knots perfect for kiting.

Kitesurfing practice: unlike the Levante, the Poniente is very stable on the same day or from one minute to another, but each day of Poniente is special and therefore more or less easy to kite (onshore Vs side-on, weak & swell Vs strong & small waves…); in general, you will find with the Poniente ideal conditions to learn to handle the kite in all serenity, but a little more difficult to practice your riding because of the swell and the waves; if you already have a certain level, you will love the playground offered by the waves and the lift of the wind allowing jumps with better hangtime…

Recommended spots: out of season, the entire beach of Los Lances; between June and September it is forbidden to kite “in town” and therefore only possible to sail in Los Lances Norte (Rio Jara, Agua, Arte Vida); Valdevaqueros beach also offers good conditions (except in case of oriented wind coming from the North).


Best kitesurf spots, live webcams and wind forecasts in Tarifa

When and where are you going to kite in Tarifa today?

If there is no shortage of windy days in Tarifa, there are also many spots to take advantage of them and kite, offering varied conditions: search among the list below for the spot that best suits your location, your level of kitesurfing (beginner, intermediate, advanced), or even to your program or kite desire of the day (jumps, surf, tricks…); we have classified the spots for you from the closest to the city center to the furthest.

If you are going to kite the same day, you can click on the webcams which broadcast almost live the cameras of the main spots, in order to see the wind conditions on site or see if there are already kiters in the water. If you are going to kite tomorrow or the following days, you can look at the two forecast models Windguru and Windfinder that we have chosen as the most relevant; conditions change quickly in Tarifa, so while the 24-48 hour forecasts are quite reliable, beyond that they only give a trend; also remember that on a nice Poniente day, you can expect a thermal effect that will add a few knots to the forecasts (effect not taken into account in the models).

If you want to meet us, as soon as the wind exceeds 10 knots, you will find us at the beach of Los Lances Norte, next to the chiringuito Agua: whether to ask for information or to take lessons, do not hesitate to come talk to us!

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Tarifa / Los Lances Sur (from Balneario to Gaia)

Practice of kitesurfing tolerated out of season, prohibited from June to September; spots practicable only in Poniente (the city cuts the wind in Levante), except Balneario also kitable in Levante.

Balneario: world famous spot, which in Levante offers exceptional conditions attracting the best kitesurfers of the professional circuit; the spot is small and can be dangerous in the event of a problem, so it is tacitly reserved for very experienced kiters, other kiters can admire the pros while having a beer at the chiringuito Balneario!

Tarifa / Los Lances Norte (from Rio Jara to Arte Vida)

Practice authorized all year round at sea; practicable on the entire length in Poniente, only from Rio Jara to Agua in Levante (wind cut afterwards because of the relief). Even if it is tempting, it is absolutely forbidden to sail on the natural lagoon which is created at the level of the Rio Jara: it is a protected natural park which should be respected for the good of the birds... and so as not to see the practice of kitesurfing prohibited in Tarifa!

Chiringuito Gaia: possibility to park here to kite in Poniente or Levante and go downwind to look for the waves at Rio Jara.

Chiringuito Agua: official spot of kitesurfing schools, cradle of all neo-kiters, it is also the place of the most beautiful kite falls and the most beautiful line crossings; experienced kiters will find a quieter upwind area to the north (Waves > Arte Vida) in Poniente and to the south towards Rio Jara in Levante.

Tarifa / Valdevaqueros (from Tumbao to the Punta Paloma dune)

Kite practice authorized all year round (except at the level of the dune in summer), with a smaller and narrower beach and therefore a higher density of kiters on the beach and on the water; in Levante, safety boats allow navigation in complete safety, navigation that experienced kiters can extend by relying on the tip of the bay to serve as a safety net; the wind enters more difficult in case of Poniente coming from the north.

Chiringuito Tumbao: among the various access points and car parks, this one is the best known, and almost even more so for its after-kite: you too come and take your Instagram photo on the lawn of the Tumbao!

Algeciras / Getares and Palmones

If the Levante is too strong in Tarifa, Algeciras generally offers milder conditions, with between 5 and 10 knots less, and a wind that is onshore on this side, therefore without danger. Two spots can then serve as a fallback solution: Getares (20 min from Tarifa), with a pretty beach, but sometimes very onshore wind and waves; Palmones (30 min from Tarifa), with often more favorable wind and sea, but a very narrow beach and a location in the "charming*" waters of the Bay of Algeciras (*relative charm: the water smells a little oil !). Spots prohibited in summer.

Zahora / Los Caños de Meca

If the Levante is too strong in Tarifa, a third fallback solution exists 45 minutes north of Tarifa, in an exceptional natural site, bounded by a wild beach and a magnificent lighthouse: Los Caños de Meca. The configuration of the place also makes the Levante side-onshore, therefore safe (apart from the rocks near the point), but not without difficulty: the waves are often large to the delight of strapless kiters.

Balneario is located in Los Lances Sur, at town level, right next to Isla Tarifa and Playa Chica, on the Atlantic side.

Arte Vida (or Dos Mares) is located at the end of Los Lances Norte, just before Valdevaqueros.

Valdevaqueros is the second beach or bay of Tarifa, north of La Peña and next to Punta Paloma.


This is the Windfinder forecast for Tarifa.


This is the windguru forecast for Tarifa.

Windless days in Tarifa: a flourishing nature and an exotic culture

Windless days are rare around here, but we have to be honest: they do exist! But don't worry, you won't have to look too hard to answer the agonizing question "what to do in Tarifa on windless days?": there is no shortage of fallback activities, whether outdoor or cultural.

Do you still have enough strength for other physical activities in Tarifa?

Walks and hikes: choose your camp, that of the coast, whether on the Mediterranean side (behind the town, towards the beach of La Caleta) or on the Atlantic side (at Punta Paloma, from the dune to the tip), or that of the heights with walks on the mountain of La Peña which offer an exceptional 180° panorama on the two beaches of Los Lances and Valdevaqueros (the most famous hike - Buddha Walk - will lead you to a small sanctuary with a Buddha).

Mountain bike outings: take up the challenge of an even more physical activity, with bike outings to enjoy breathtaking views of Tarifa, sea side and country side (green until June); the hilly surroundings of the region assume a minimum of physical condition, but there are mountain bike rides for all levels, and if necessary several shops offer electric bikes.

Horseback riding: enjoy the tarifeñas beaches from another point of view: on the back and at the pace of a horse; these walks are particularly magical early in the morning, when the city and life are still asleep.

Whale watching: seize this unique chance of a trip through one of the most famous straits in the world – the Strait of Gibraltar – which sees gigantic container ships (yes, that has its charm) cohabit with dolphins and pilot whales.

Surfing: take advantage of the pretty waves that the region can offer, mainly outside the summer period, either directly on the beach of Los Lances (Balneario, Arte Vida), or 45 minutes north of Tarifa, in El Palmar, beautiful beach lined with chiringuitos where you can find a real surfing atmosphere.

Do you want to escape for a few hours to the air of Tarifa?

Vejer de la Frontera: climb to the top of this astonishing massif to discover Vejer, one of the most charming villages in the region, just 30 minutes north of Tarifa and one of the white villages of the "ruta de los pueblos blancos" ; enjoy the shade of the small streets or the delights of the many restaurants with a view

Cádiz: discover a city less known than Seville or Granada, but no less charming, barely 1 hour north of Tarifa; visit the unmissable Torre Tavira or the cathedral of Cadiz or let yourself wander the streets and squares of the city.

Gibraltar: takeoff and fly to England… or almost: 1 hour west of Tarifa, and after crossing the airport runway, you will find the famous rock of Gibraltar, over which reigns unexpectedly hundreds of monkeys.

Morocco / Tangier: take advantage of the exceptional location of Tarifa to visit another continent during your Andalusian stay: Morocco is less than 1 hour away by boat; on the other side of the Mediterranean, you can taste the charms of Tangier and the Maghreb.

Endless nights in Tarifa: rich gastronomy and festive nightlife

What makes Tarifa an exceptional kitesurfing spot is also its… after-kite! Here again, there is something for everyone: a drink in a chiringuito (beach bar) or between the walls of the old town, lunch on the terrace or in a garden, classic Andalusian tapas or a tasting of unknown parts of tuna (a specialty local), meat or vegetarian meal…

Do you want to (re)gain strength before or after your kitesurfing session?

La Garrocha (C. Guzmán el Bueno, 22, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz): within the walls of a quiet street in the old town, you will taste the Andalusian hospitality of Javi and his family, before tasting their delicious tapas ; the ham plate looks like a painting and the croquetas de choco are delicious, but what makes La Garrocha famous, even outside of Tarifa, is its famous tostada de atun!

Raizes (C. Mariano Vinuesa, 9, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz): located between the old town and Balneario, this restaurant offers, in our opinion, one of the finest cuisines in the city, at reasonable prices; octopus cooked according to three cooking methods or tuna tartare served on a brioche are just two examples of a menu that reinvents all the Andalusian classics, while creating its own essentials.

Power House (N-340, km 82, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz): located 5 minutes from Tarifa, in a hidden oasis along the road leading to the beaches, this restaurant-cafeteria is a must stop for most kitesurfers wanting to gain strength before their kite session; come before 1 p.m. to avoid the crowds and take advantage of the breakfast menu (sweet and savory).

Bonjour (C. Colón, 8, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz): another breakfast option, between the white walls of the old town, with a 100% vegan menu, 100% flavors and 100% energy!

Do you want to celebrate your first waterstart in kitesurfing or your first kiteloop?

Chiringuitos Agua and Waves (Los Lances Norte Nº1, 11380, Cádiz): it's an unchanging ritual, that of having a drink directly on the spot of Los Lances Sur, just after your kitesurfing session and while waiting for the sunset; the last effort that will be required of you will be to choose between Agua (more chill until Eric Prydz's "Opus" sounds) and Waves (more electro and dancing), but you will be rewarded with many encounters.

Almedina (C. Almedina, 3, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz): perched on the side of a magnificent staircase, this small place breathes Andalusia and offers flamenco shows every Thursday; remember to book if you want to be closer to the stage.

Surf Bar Tomatito (C. Cervantes, 4, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz): a real institution located at the entrance of the "callejón" (the small street of bars), you will have to stop by... and probably stay there! You will return the round of beers to the kitesurfers already met at the chiringuito after your session and can venture to bet with them on the wind forecast the next day.

Exit Bar (C. Inválidos, 1, 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz): at the other end of the callejón, you can enjoy very good cocktails leaning next to local kitesurfers or international pro riders; it's up to you to succeed in appearing on the wall of celebrities at the Exit, either by your kitesurfing prowess, or by your prowess at the bar!