Tarifa is the most southern main land point in Europe in Spain in the province of Andalucía.
It has been a surf mecca for decades and the ideal spot for surfers, kiters and windsurfers.
But there's much more to do in Tarifa then only surfing.

Introductional Video

For more information: Turismo de Tarifa

Tarifa Nightlife & Food

Tarifa's nightlife is awesome. Beach clubs, bars, restaurants. It's all there.


Tomatito Surf Bar is located in the heart of Tarifa's nightlife area. Live jam sessions, fussball and drinks.


Eco-Center is located just outside the medina. Stone oven pizzas and listen to live music on sundays. Check out their agenda.

Al Medina: Flamenco

Discover the soul of Andalucia and visit Al Medina on thursday nights for a free Flamenco concert by local performers.

Nature & Culture Activities

A trip to Tarifa is the occasion of your Life to connect sustainably on the long run with nature. It is the opportunity to create positive addictions, a link with nature and elements that will replace small or big bad habits as we can have when living in big cities. An immersion across history, to walk through breath-taking scenery.

Morocco: Tangier

Morocco is just half an hour away. Take the a day trip with the ferry and explore Africa on the other side of the Gibralter Straight.

Mountain Biking

There are many awesome bike trails around Tarifa for the beginner through advanced level. Rent a mountain bike in one of the local shops and discover the Natural Parcs of the straight of Gibraltar or Los Alcornocales.

Cádiz, Bolonia & Gibraltar

Explore surrounding towns like Cádiz, Bolonia or Gibraltar. The Antic city of Baelo Claudia in Bolonia will ravish your curiosity for past civilization. An inner journey as intense as extreme sports!


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History of Tarifa

It was thought that Tarifa was once the site of the Roman settlement of Julia Transducta (also known as Julia Joza, or just Transducta). However, that settlement is now thought to have been where Algeciras now stands, while Tarifa may have been the site of the settlement of Mellaria. Tarifa was given its present name after the attack of Tarif ibn Malik in 710, a Berber military commander of Musa bin Nusayr. The village of Bolonia near Tarifa was also populated in Roman times. Roman ruins still exist near the village today.

After the Islamic conquest of southern Spain, the city was fortified starting from the 10th century. Later Tarifa was held by the taifa of Algeciras (1031) and by that of Seville (1057), and subsequently by the Almoravids. After the latter's fall, it lived a short period under another taifa of Algeciras (1231), until becoming part of the Kingdom of Granada. In 1292 it was conquered by Sancho IV of Castile, and two years later it resisted a siege by North African Islamic troops. The town resisted another siege in 1340 from Moroccan troops, eventually leading to the Battle of Río Salado. Read on ...

tarifa castle old town