Wingfoil courses
in Tarifa

Combining propulsion by the wind and the sensation of sliding, wingfoil is the new water sport that is exploding: Tarifa Max already offers you the possibility of getting started!

The "Wingfoil", a mixture of sensations of kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing

Are you intrigued by wing foiling?

So are we! The wingfoil is a hybrid water sport, at the crossroads of several sports, offering a new possibility to play with the ocean.

Unlike kitesurfing, the wing does not require lines, which reduces mess and also danger. In addition, the contact with the wing is tighter than in kitesurfing, a bit like in windsurfing, but with more freedom: the wing is not fixed to the board.

The beginnings on wing foil can be done on a SUP type board, to facilitate control of the wing and balance on the board, but the goal is to finish flying on a hydrofoil! Once launched, the winger can find sliding sensations close to surfing, especially in the waves.

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Wingfoil Courses Tarifa


The wingfoil is a sport where the practitioner uses the force of the wind thanks to a WING to propel themselves and glide on the water, or rather fly above the water thanks to a hydrofoil, a board equipped with a mast and… a wing (called “FOIL”)!

The wing of the foil has the same effect as the wing itself (or a kite) but in the water, allowing the "winger" to gain speed and height: sailing above the water reduces the friction and allows a better glide.


The wingfoil is for absolutely EVERYONE. The kiter who wants to be able to sail in the summer when the beaches are prohibited for kitesurfing. The windsurfer who wants to have more navigation opportunities and less bulky equipment. The surfer who wants to catch more and more waves. etc

But also and above all: for all beginners in water sports who want to join the family of wind and sliding. No other experience in watersports is necessary to learn wing foil: you just need to be motivated and in good physical condition!


NOW ! Wingfoil is not new, but the craze is very recent, with a very important development of equipment for two or three years, making this sport more accessible. More and more places are offering wing foil services (wingfoil lessons and rental) so you will find something to practice in most windy destinations (sea or lake).

Spoiler: given the requests we have every day, it's time to get into wingfoil if you don't want to be the last of your friends to discover the joys of wing!

Wingfoil courses with the passion of always but an adapted pedagogy

Do you want to fly above the waves?

Mat', faithful to his passion for water sports, could not resist the idea of ​​testing the wingfoil either.

Practicing windsurfing, kitesurfing and surfing for more than twenty years, he still had to take up the new challenge represented by the wing, or rather THE new challenges: different traction, unstable balance, particular trajectories... is put back in the shoes of the student and in the beginner's suit, with its share of missed starts, falls and liters of water swallowed...

Little by little he succeeded in taming the wing and the foil and he is now a more than confirmed practitioner: faithful to his second passion - pedagogy - he has once again turned into an instructor and has developed his pedagogy of learning wingfoil. With twenty years of teaching and his recent learning, he will accompany you so that you too can take flight!

We have equipment suitable for beginners for learning in the best conditions.

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Wingfoil Courses Tarifa

Initiation courses to wingfoiling for beginners or for intermediate or advanced wingfoilers

Will you take up the wingfoil challenge with us?

We accompany you with the same level of service as for kitesurfing: teaching that combines safety, progression and pleasure. In Wingfoil we only offer PRIVATE COURSES (1 instructor / 1 student) of 2 or 3 hours, as this seems to us the most appropriate way to discover the wing and its particularities. The first lesson is an initiation of 2 hours at 130€ during which we practice on the beach then in the water, but without hydrofoil. The following courses last 2 or 3 hours from 74€/h. All our lessons include a wing, the board adapted to your level, a wetsuit and a helmet.

Beginner Wingfoil Courses Tarifa


  • Basic safety rules & wing theory
  • How to set up the equipment
  • How to control the wing on the beach
  • How to control the wing on the water
  • Waterstart practice with a beginner board

2h = 130€ (no hydrofoil)

Intermediate Wingfoil Courses Tarifa


  • Control the wing and the hydrofoil on the beach
  • Control the wing and the hydrofoil on the water
  • Hydrofoiling skills
  • Waterstart with hydrofoil
  • Sail with hydrofoil

2h = 165€ / 3h = 220€

Advanced Wingfoil Courses Tarifa


  • Ride upwind
  • Sail with a smaller hydrofoil
  • Jibes and transitions

2h = 165€ / 3h = 220€