Kite Spots and Webcams

Arte Vida or Dos Mares is the location between Valdevaqueros and Tarifa.

Balneario is in the south of Tarifa overlooking the atlantic, just right next to Isla Tarifa and Playa Chica.

Valdevaqueros is just north of Tarifa next to Punta Paloma. This is the webcam at Spin Out.

Kite Spots Map Tarifa

Tarifa webcam map location

Webcam Spots

Kite Spots in Tarifa marked in green are kite spots that have a webcam. You can real-time check the wind and wave conditions here.

kite spots tarifa

Kite Spots

Kite surfing spots marked in red don't have a webcam.

Tarifa Wind Conditions

There are basically two types of windconditions in Tarifa. Either a easterly off-shore wind called the Levante or an on shore Atlantic breeze from the west. They deliver significantly different conditions.

Levante: Easterly Off Shore

Levante is the off shore wind condition in Tarifa at 18-35 knots. It's often gusty and needs a couple of days to stabilize. Also the strength of wind really differs specific locations. Close to the center at Balneario it is strongest and it dissipates in force towards the north. Levante leads to flat conditions with minor Atlantic swell. Rescue boats are out with Levante. Palmones at Algeciras is a good alternative if you are looking for on shore kite spot with Levante.

Poniente: Westerly On Shore

Poniente or the Atlantic wind blows on shore at 12-25 knots. It's more stable than Levante and provides ideal kiting conditions along the Los Lances beach. Conditions are wavy.

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Experts on Local Conditions

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